22 Jun 2007 – Project Curbar

The Minx is kind of better today – I think her tummy is still sore, but at least she’s eating. She’s swinging back and forth between being her normal giggly, singing self, blowing on her yellow whistle and lugging around her Bagpuss, and suddenly wanting a cuddle for 2 mins and crying real tears.

She’s such a love. She waves goodnight to the trees at night and laughs at flowers because they’re flowers (?! well, I’ve no idea why!). Her favourite things in the whole world right now are shoes (that’s my girl!) and hats of any kind. She pats her head whenever she sees anyone wearing a hat or helmet. Daddy is ‘Daddy’ and I’m ‘Daddy’ too but said with a head pat (I wear a hat to work). She saw 2 policemen in the supermarket the other day and was frantically slapping her little head till me and DH looked round and acknowledged we could see them too. Well, all I can say is, she didn’t get it from me…

Had to see the nurse yesterday as part of arriving at my new job. She was a mine of info, and promised to have a chat with the mw for me to persuade her to see me earlier. But she found protein in my urine sample. <Gulp> I hope it’s nothing. I left another one this morning (she said it might be cos I’d been cycling hard just before giving the original sample), and she’s not got back to me so fingers crossed.

Still no discernible pg symptoms. Some cramps and pains which I *always* interpret as impending doom. DH doesn’t even look up from his magazine every time I moan about it. “You were like this last time too” he says.

Still. I have Monday off, so I think I’ll spend the next 3 days getting as much kip as you can with a lively 14 month old! Och to tell the truth, it’ll be such a treat to spend time with The Minx. I work full-time and DH is a SAHD. I’m so jealous! There’s a bit of me can’t wait for Project Curbar to culminate (!) so I can spend a whole precious 9 months at home with him/her, DD and my lovely DH.

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