24 Jun 2007 – Project Curbar

I’ve mostly been being Witch From Hell today. Poor DH. Well, and poor me too!

I started having a go at him this morning – he’d made a lovely fruit salad in his bid to get me to eat better. Unfortunately I smelled and saw a strawberry that was more than mouldy, it was nearly running round the kitchen under its own steam. Although he said he’d washed all the other strawberries so they were fine, I refused to eat it. I’ve had food poisoning too many times. I accepted that maybe I was being a tad OTT so I allowed The Minx to have some. Funny old thing, 8 hrs later she just exploded out her nappy – runny poo bloody everywhere: front, back, sides… She stank the car out, but just sat there looking smug. We stripped her off in the boot of the car. She was shivering and so miserable, while me and The Boss had a huge barny because he’d not brought a complete change of clothes for her, as I’d asked him 3 times to do and check.

In between that, I was cross at him leaving the fridge door wide open for hours again (and the fridge is groaning with food that will go off – far too much for a family of 3. I think he thinks I’m bringing in a salary 4 times what I am). And he went overdrawn on the joint account. Again.

I had a huge panic in Borders – I felt wet like I was bleeding. Thank God, false alarm. In the manky bogs of Borders I said a quick prayer of thanks, patted my tummy and told Grublet to stay in mummy’s tummy, and sighed with relief. Every day is just a bonus.

Hopefully tomorrow I can do an emotion *other* than sad or mad. I practiced smiling today, so maybe I can do it 😉

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