Why I Love My Eldest Daughter, Part 1

Today my eldest Maxi Minx declared:

“I think we should leave Santa a tangerine instead of mince pies and whisky on Christmas Eve.  If he eats any more mince pies, he’ll be as fat as you, Mummy!”

For what it’s worth, I am a comfortable 10st 7 and a dress size 14 – a chubster to be sure, but hardly zeppelin size!  I simply nodded seriously and agreed.

This afternoon, watching me carefully decant some stout into a home-made steak pie (yep, I even made flaky pastry from scratch and seasoned chunks of beef):

“Wow, Mummy, that looks just like poison!”

All said with huge, innocent, guileless green eyes.  Aren’t 4 year olds wonderful?!

Puss In Boots before...

...After taking lessons from my eldest


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