Day-to-Day Minxdom

We dropped baby R’s cot base down to the lowest level yesterday.  My little Houdini is a tiny baby no longer.  She’s also a fully-fledged minx: I discovered that the reason why she happily went to bed without a fight last night is because she’s found a new toy!  I could hear her gurgling and singing her happy tummy song (‘mum-mum-mum’ = yum-yum-yum) to herself.  Then the chirrups changed to a more determined: “Da! Da! Ba-ba-BAAAA!” so I peered in to check on her.  All I could see in the gloom was a snatching little arm waving through the bars of her cot, covered in 4 or 5 bangles.  The bangles were her Daddy’s pants, and she’d obviously grabbed them from an opened drawer by our bed (she’s still in our room because we’re too lazy to move her I’m still breastfeeding her last thing at night and first thing every morning).  I strode in to rescue my clean laundry only to find it was a lost cause: every single clean pair of pants The Boss owns were draped over her wrists or her teddy.  She had a rolled-up pair of socks in each little fist and one in her mouth, dangling off her 2 teeth, worrying it like a terrier.  She saw me, beamed wider, loosening her death-grip on the socks and chuckled.  I think that picture of innocent delight in the midst of a mountain of male underwear will be engraved on my heart till I die.

Speaking of never-to-be-forgotten images, Midi Minx was allowed to accompany Maxi Minx to her ballet class yesterday.  She’ll be 3 next month, and the teacher is happy to let her try it out a few times with a view to starting formally at 3.  (Well, as formal as you get in a class that’s just for fun).  It helps that Midi’s not tried to eat anyone recently.  Parents aren’t encouraged to watch the class, but I had to peep round the corner to check Midi was behaving herself and not sat in a corner, munching on ripped-off toddler leg or something.  The sight of Midi and Maxi in pink ballet kit and slipper, skipping nicely in a circle with the other children, *holding each other’s hand* melted my hard old black heart.  I may have gasped.  Midi looked up, yelled “Mummeeeeee!” and came thundering over, sending the other kids flying and the wall pictures a-tumbling.  They may have their work cut out to turn my beautiful, flexible but heavy-heeled Tarzan into a willowy Jane.

Which reminds me of my eternal struggles with Maxi to get her to eat.  I’ve kind of stuck with explaining why we eat food (‘building blocks for your body’) and what contribution each particular bit of food will make to her overall health, eg “lamb’s building blocks are: protein to make your muscles strong and make you feel full up, iron to give you energy and B vitamins to make you healthy.  So eat it up!”  She normally listens politely, nods sagely, then rejects it all anyway.  This morning I wasn’t in a rush (!) so allowed them to watch 10 mins of CBeebies before nursery, so long as breakfast had been eaten.  I never thought it would happen.  Ha!  Maxi wolfed down her scrambled egg and toast in 3 bites (I counted), poured her beaker of milk down her throat without appearing to swallow at all, and raced off into the living room to catch Octonauts with a cheeky, “Full steam ahead, Mummy!”

Sod the grown-up explanations – from now on I’m going to stick to bribes!

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