Midi Minx is Such a Demon Because…

She can’t hear.

Well, she can hear, but not very well.  I’ve had my suspicions for a while, now.  Example: from when she learned to speak, she’s stared intently at people’s lips.  Her speech has a garbled ‘underwater’ quality to it.  Although her vocabulary is fine now, after a late start, she still misses out a lot of sounds (eg ‘ballallee’ instead of ‘vaseline’).  I’ve always had to yell to get her to listen to me (I’d stopped noticing – I assumed she was being disobedient / inattentive / too wrapped up in what she was doing, so always spoke to her face to face if I wanted something).

Mr Tumble

Midi's Hero

Anyway, last March I asked for her to be referred to a specialist to get her hearing checked.  I also wasn’t happy at her having ear infection after ear infection.  She had 8 between Christmas and August 1st last year (yep – average of 1 a month.  And she had the mass of yellow pillow gunk 4 times, which after a night of screaming in pain is pretty indicative to me of eardrum perforations).  In May I chased up the referral.  Nothing had been done.  I chased it up again in July.  It had gone to the local hospital.  Midi Minx was seen by a paediatricion in November.  He asked why we were there, as he couldn’t do hearing tests and would have to refer her to a different hospital.  And they had a long waiting list.  Gnnnnnnng!!!  I just wanted someone to look at my little girl and tell me if (a) there was anything we could do to stop her being in pain so regularly from ear infections, (b) if she should be on antibiotics with every ear infection (every 4-8 week?!), (c) were we doing something wrong?  (we stopped her swimming or putting her ears under water in the bath.  It seemed to help a bit).  We finally saw the right paediatrician on Friday.

I watched Midi get a hearing test.  A nurse held a hand-held tone-emitter behind Midi’s head.  At the ‘whistle’, she got to drop a car down a track.  My heart just about broke in 2 watching my bright, giggling little girl looking at the other nurse with a huge expectant smile on her face, waiting excitedly to hear the notes that I could hear and she couldn’t (and my hearing is duff – I spent my teens plugged into headphones set to 11, and too much loud live music and too long flying).  She can hear, but just not that well.

So the professor said she has glue ear, and to wait 3 months.  If it’s still there then, she’s to get grommets and her adenoids out.  My poor baby!  I’m dreading her having an operation, but if she needs it…

I also feel Mummy Guilt.  It explains lots.  Like why she kept running towards the road when I yelled, “Lily freeze!”  No wonder she looked so thunderstruck when I yanked her back, shouted and smacked her.  And I guess it might explain all the biting after all.  I thought she was being a little demon who’d been dragged up, rather than brought up.  Most nursery teachers said it was a phase, not to worry, but one said it could be frustration with not being able to hear or speak properly.  I guess she might have been right.  And there was me thinking Midi liked to sign (Makaton) because she loved Mr Tumble so much…

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