Babywearing and the Moray Coast

Girasol 26 Front Cross Carry

Well, of COURSE I'm going to wear a rainbow wrap, amn't I?!

This post is just an excuse to show a pic of my very first woven wrap, a beautiful Girasol 4.2m in No 26.  I’ve loved the stretchy Moby and routinely put Mini Minx in the brilliant Connecta Integra.  But now she’s 21lb and getting a bit heavy, it was time to upgrade to a woven wrap, as I’m not convinced my baby-wearing days are over.  (Crikey, Midi Minx was 21lb at 16 or 17 weeks old according to her Little Red Book…)

The weather perked up a bit right after opening my 40th birthday presents, and as the wrap was a pressie from me to me Mini Minx in anticipation of a little fee for a magazine article, it would have been churlish not to get outdoors and try it out.

(photo deleted) What surprised me most is that Mini actually let me put the wrap over her head when she fell asleep – normally this is a huge no-no.  So, I guess woven wraps are getting a big tick from us.  Now to try back carries…!  Wish me luck.

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