Sick Pirates

Saturday 19th March wasn’t a great day for me – I was a tad ill.  Again.

After giving my immune system a shoeing last weekend with gastroenteritis, I was a pushover for some sore throat-y, sore chesty, wheezy, ouchy, knackered-making virus all week.  Saturday was the worst day.  I sprayed with chloroseptic stuff and it made a difference for 5 seconds.  Even munching chocolate made no odds to the razor-blade-in-the-throat feeling.  So you can imagine my expression when The Boss sprung on me that I was being surprised witha birthday lunch in Contrast, Inverness.  With 20 mins notice.  And no clean nice clothes.

I guess in hindsight my tirade was quite funny.  I had to whisper (no voice), probably frothed a bit (couldn’t swallow), and was generally quite incoherent (I couldn’t understand why he was subjecting me to this when I felt so awful).  When we arrived and I admitted how terrible I felt, my mother in law got very upset and wailed, “I always manage to do it wrong, don’t I?”  I had 2 options: agree and berate her son for dragging me out, or croak that really it would be fine and I probably would feel better for getting out the house.  Yep, I went for option 2.  And actually, it ended up being the truth.  I couldn’t taste the food, so couldn’t comment on how nice it was, but the big cold glass of wine mixed with half a cupboard of painkillers swilling around in my stomach certainly made me feel quite jolly and happy.  I certainly couldn’t feel my sore throat.  I must remember this remedy for next time.

I’d moaned beforehand that the minxes would be uncontrollable after an hour in the car and then a few hours in a restaurant.  How wrong I was!  They were delighted to see their grandparents, loved their meal, and all 3 were an absolute delight to be with.  We got appreciative looks from the other diners, and one couple came over at the end of their meal to praise the girls on their good behaviour.  I was proud as punch, but inwardly thinking how different it could have been…

(photo deleted) When we got home, my in-laws gave the girls the first of their presents – the most cool pirate dress-up outfits I’ve seen.  I think they may have come from Sainsbury’s?  As by this time they were starting to play up a bit, me and The Boss between us cooked up a cunning plot to get them to eat some normal food and get to bed: make a quick snack dinner of cheese sandwiches cut in the shape of coins (round scone cutter), beaker of watered down apple juice, some fruit pieces and some little chocolates (well, your mother only turns 40 once…).  We hid them in their room under a stack of paper crosses (“X marks the spot”).  Maxi and Midi Minx enjoyed their little treasure hunt and wolfed down their pirate treasure.  They were snoring within the half-hour.  Result!

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