My Rhubarb Has A Growth


Rhubarb flowerI bought some reduced rhubarb last year in a fit of gardening frenzy.  I got distracted by 3 little minxes, going on holiday, and generally living my life, so forgot to plant it.  Then our cat Daisy decided that the leaves made a nice place to sit and sun herself.  So it was inevitable that the stalks all broke off at soil level, in the pot.  I was so grumpy with myself for wasting the £3 or so on a plant that I was too lazy busy to plant (again!) that I just left it on the patio, as a daily reminder to myself to Pull. Your. Finger. Out.

Around 2 months ago, I noticed a pink growth in the pot.  I didn’t dare to hope that the rhubarb had resurrected, but as time passed, the growth turned into a little stalk here, another little stalk there, and the central ‘pod’ kept on growing.  Assured that the rhubarb was, in fact, alive, I planted it in a suitable spot in the garden and threatened minxes and Boss that if anyone touched it, they’d feel my wrath.

Obviously our garden mole / vole wasn’t listening, and decided to tunnel up through the rhubarb roots.  It’s been doing this by our baby apple tree too, but that doesn’t seem too unhappy, giving off some beautiful blossom.  So I’ve just warily watched.  A bit like our neighbour opposite the road – she has the most wonderful, beautiful, spectacularly flowerful garden that Mini Minx waves to every morning when she wakes up.  The poor woman is watching the mole hills slowly appear in a kind of creeping death, heading straight for her gorgeous greenery.

Anyway, the rhubarb pod turned into a kind of cauliflower thing.  Was it flowering?  I’ve never heard of such a thing.  But a quick Google later, and I discovered here that rhubarb does indeed flower, and that the pretty flower has to come off!  Apparently they flower when extremely stressed and likely to die.  Yep, that sounds about right, living within 100 metres of minxes and cat.  So I took photos, just in case my executionery has killed the rhubarb once and for all.

3 thoughts on “My Rhubarb Has A Growth

  1. Such a shame the flower has to go, they are quite pretty in a way! Thanks for the track back and good luck with your plant.

  2. You’re very welcome for the track-back: you have a fantastic blog. I’ve kept the flower in a jar of water to admire, and I’m watching the plant through half-closed, wincing eyes

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