Maxi Learns to Knit

child knitting
Maxi’s first attempt at casting-on – she’s a natural!

I’ve promised to teach Maxi how to knit since she was first old enough to ask me.  I’ve always said, “When you’re 5.  Your little hands will be big enough then.  Wait till you’re a big 5 year old”.

She was delighted when I bought her real adult needles and some balls of soft chunky wool for her 5th birthday last month, and has been badgering me to teach her.  Well, an elephant is more likely to forget anything than my wee Maxi.  I’ve been shamefully putting her off because she always asks just as I’m mid-chaotic scramble to get dinner on the table, or breast-feeding Mini, or Midi’s playing up.
Today, however, she asked when Mini had just gone down for a nap.  I dropped what I was doing, seriously put Midi’s nose out of joint by not including her, and sat down with Maxi on my lap, and taught her.
I warned her I’d just teach her a little bit, and we’d practice and practice, and not move on to the next thing till she got it.  And we’d only do 10 minutes at the most.  I thought we might get ‘making a loop’ done today.  So I was pretty shocked (and very, very proud) that she cracked 2 tail cast-on within those 10 minutes.  See the photo for the really neat job she’s done.  All by herself!  I demo’d some, helped on others, then just left her to do it by herself.  I’m hugely biased, but you can see the generations of knitters within that child, eh?  (It sure wasn’t my teaching – I’m not bad at explaining and demonstrating, but what maxi did today was sheer talent).
I also now have a new business plan for expanding Rainbow Knits – I shall employ child labour within the year!  Well, does it count as child labour if she thinks it’s a game…?

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