Quick Update of Minxisms

Yeah, I know, I’ve been a bit absent.  Well, I suddenly got 2 commissions for baby booties via my website www.rainbowknits.co.uk with tight deadlines, so I had to drop everything and just knit.  And it was right in the middle of me starting to create a new range of booties.  And it was also in the middle of me knuckling down to doing some serious study about tax and some of the more esoteric legislation that I think may impact on my Take Over The World With Knitting plans.  So this blog unfortunately fell by the wayside.  Still, that just means that I get to post a little post of quick observations of the minxes rather than an enormous blow-by-blow, too-much-detail post.  Bonus. 

The girls haven’t been sleeping well.  On Saturday (14th May) morning I woke up with Mini Minx yelling for a feed, Midi Minx starfished across the bed and Maxi Minx asleep along my feet like a puppy.  Maxi quickly woke up and started moaning: “Ewww, Daddy: you smell like dirty puddles!”  Poor man was so perplexed by that one that he had no comeback at all.  My giggling just egged Maxi on.

Mini’s had a bit of a personality upgrade this past week.  As well as learning to walk and cut another tooth*, she learned to scribble (on a McDonald’s colouring-in sheet.  The shame!  Am I too mortified to keep it?) and is very happily displaying her brand new tantrumming skills, at every opportunity.

Mini carefully enunciated”‘yum-yyyyyyyumm!” twice, while she was eating.  That’s my girl!  It adds to her signs for milk, hot, and her own made-up sign for ‘my sisters’ (blows kisses like Upsy Daisy)

Maxi, chirruping about something at first light this morning (I wasn’t really listening): “I think that I am the strongest girl in all the land”, she declared.  “Except for the ones that can lift their parents”.  Riiiiiight.

Maxi, this evening: “I’m a bit clever so I won’t need to go to University; I’m going to be an artist instead”.  So long as it keeps me and your father in our dotage, you can be whatever you want to be, darling.

*Mini’s teeth: she no longer looks like Fang, as she’s cut a top incisor, now – her right one.  The left one is literally a few skin cells’ depth below the surface.

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