Important Clarification

Honest, I’m heading for an early night. Truly. In a minute. But first…

I’ve had a few very kind and supportive emails and messages and comments over the past day or 2. It’s made me pause and reflect (a) on what a lot of lovely people there are roaming the internet, and (b) I might be giving a skewed impression of my daily reality. So I thought I’d clarify a few things. Just in case it affects how you read my posts.

I’m 40 <gulp> and have lived, shall we say, a very full life thus far. Living up here, with my husband, our 3 wee girls and our cat is absolutely brilliant. I love my life and am extremely (almost smugly) happy with my lot. Life with our minxes is frenetic, emotional, perplexing and very, very fun. If any of my posts come across as whingey to you, imagine me reading out the story to you in person, preceded with a nudge and a “You’ll never guess what happened today – it was such a hoot! Well, …”. Except for posts in the category ‘angry’. Now *those* are proper whinges and moans. For those, imagine a female Victor Meldrew growling, “I just don’t belieeeeeeve it!” 

Anyway. Just thought you should know. Right, off to bed. After making sure Midi’s had a wee.

2 thoughts on “Important Clarification

  1. Bless you! I don’t think anyone in their right mind would see you as a whinger. Your stories are simply hilarious and very touching. I for one can see the smug happiness oozing from each perfectly worded paragraph! That said, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a word or two of sympathy after a tiring and testing day, and a virtual hug is definitely a must in my book,,, no matter how idyllic your life! Keep up the good work Trout!!! xxx

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