Easter Service

Today (Friday 30 March) I spent 2 hrs 30 minutes of my life walking up and down the hill to school 4 times. Even Midi Minx got fed up and insisted on the double buggy. I’ve whinged about the frequency of school runs before, but today left me fairly exhausted. Don’t forget, that double buggy weighs 6 stone, and is permanently under-inflated on one side. So it pulls to that side. And the pavements have a strong camber, so it pulls twice as much. And even though I carried Mini in a ruck-carry in the sling, she’s not getting any lighter. So this evening I am tired and sore. Still, 2 weeks of Easter holidays loom and I’m very excited about spending that time all day every day with the minxes (shoot me – I must be mad).

So why the extra double school run? The school were doing a short Easter service. Maxi had learned a poem and a cute wee song specially. My parents never came to school plays, nativities, services, anything like that, even when I was singing a solo or starring in the play. My Dad worked away from home, but I don’t know why my Mum didn’t. It stung, especially as I used to scan the audience for them, every time, even when I knew they weren’t coming. So I vowed to go to all of my daughters’ school things. Today, though, I was tempted not to bother. But the look on that bright little face as she spotted me (the wonder of being the only person with blue hair in the village…) and the waved and blowing of kisses made the long route-march fade in my memory.

One Mummy Fail, though – I thought I’d keep Midi and Mini quiet through the service with a special bribe of a packet of Hula Hoops crisps each. I never thought about how loud the packets would rustle… Doh!

Mini learned a new sentence today: “I do!” Said with bottom lip jutting out as she whipped her shoes / jacket / spoon out of my hand. Good grief, it was a long time coming, but I know it’ll be my rabidly independent little girl’s favourite for a loooooong time. She also learned how to say ‘pretty’ (after she drew all over her hands and sat admiring the scribbles) and ‘sling’ (she saw Midi desperately strapping her dolly to her waist with her blanket – hehehehehe, brainwash them into babywearing young).

Last thought for now – it’s amazing how rejuvenated you can feel after eating a fresh, hot scone, filled with strawberry jam and oozy, clotted cream. I meant to take a photo, but they didn’t last long enough. In fact, I held off posting this entry because I knew I’d make scones again on Saturday and would take a photo then. Nope – all gone! Oops…

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