Joker Minx

Mini Minx has had another speech upgrade.

She could say over 80 words before she learned to say ‘yes’. Even then, it was pronounced ‘le’ as in leg, for months. Last month she moved to ‘yeah’. This week she has learned how to say ‘yessssssss’, and now loves to say it so much that she’ll frequently say “Yesssss!!! No” in reply to anything. Just for the hell of it.

Mini thinks that “any more” is a physical thing, like chocolate or milk. I caught her looking for it after I asked her if she wanted any more. I tried to explain what I’d meant. She just wailed, “I want any more! Wo want any more NOW!”

(‘Wo’ is how she pronounces her own actual name. Well, you don’t think we really named her Mini, do you? Do you?!)

She is obsessed with “Mickee Mou” (Mickey Mouse without the s) and the colour pink. Even when it’s not actually pink.

Today was also a very momentous day, though: at 26 months she made up her first joke. We were in the car waiting on Midi and The Boss returning from the toilet. I could hear Mini chatting away to herself behind me, chuckling: “Hairband…glass! Hairband…glass!” I turned around to see her flip her hairband over her eyes and shout “glass!” (glasses) as she peeped through the 2 holes. It’s a more sophisticated level of humour than Midi’s current jokes, endearing as they are (Knock, knock. Who’s there? My mummy and my daddy. My mummy and my daddy who? I love you both more ‘n anything inna whole wide world)

I’ll end with 2 Facebook entries that sum up my week with Mini, though:

7 June 2012: Our youngest baby: face of a princess, voice of an angel, grace of a ballerina… farts like a builder. We just had 8 loud ones: squeaky, trumpetty, rumbly, 2-tone, the lot. She’s just stopped giggling and started sniffing them. She disnae get it fae me!!

4 June 2012: R is mystified why I’ve put a nappy back on her. The 2 carpet puddles and the dinner-plate-sized smear of poo on the floor within *one hour* are a hint, littlest daughter, that you are NOT ready for potty training. No matter how much you protest, no matter how much you squeal, no matter how much you pout. Love, Mama xxx

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