A Day in the Life

Look, I’m not going to trot out all the usual reasons why I’m not posting every day – instead I thought I’d tell you how this morning’s gone. It’s just been a standard morning, so should give you an idea of what’s going on.

I woke up as usual at 6.45am, but with a sore back: Midi Minx had been kicking me since about 5, claiming to be unwell. The Boss bravely stuck his nose out from under the covers, shivered, then checked the thermometer: 10.7degC. Brrrrrr! Our heating oil ran out on Sunday. Now, the last time it ran out was at the beginning of September and that was because we’d not realised that the tank was on fumes when we moved in. This time, it ran out because we didn’t think we’d go through 500 litres of oil in 6 weeks (normally we use that in about 6 months). Grump, grump, grump.

The Boss got up and out, moved the other 2 minxes into our bed, and de-iced both cars before he left for work (what a superstar!). I fed cats, administered medication to one child and one pet, made a vat of porridge, dressed the kids top to toe in fleece and got them downstairs. I stupidly turned on the radio and heard about 2 accidents on The Boss’s route to work. I texted him with details in case he was at a stop, and asked him to text me when he was at work safe. Spent the next 20 minutes fretting about my best friend. What if something happened to him? How would I keep living? Who’d look after the kids? Turned off the radio when every second segue was about the crashes. Got a text from The Boss. Phew! Turned attention to the kids and their synchronous, streaming noses. Finally fed and dressed and brushed and wiped, we headed out to drive 4 miles to drop one minx at school, then 5 more miles to drop another minx at nursery, then 5 miles back. Meanwhile, the oil man filled the tank with oil! Hooray! We must have been first on the list.

Back home, I made Midi Minx a nest on the sofa and built as big a fire as I could (hey, I’m getting better! No firelighters, and only 3 matches this time!). I footered with the lockout reset button on the old heating system, gave up, and called The Boss – he’d sorted out the airlock in the system last time. I followed his directions, then bottled it when no oil or air was spurting out the loosened valve, I was feeling very sneezy (I’m a bit ill too) and got a bit nervous of all the “DANGER! High Voltage!” warnings all around where I was poking a screwdriver. I think I’d rather be cold than dead, ta.

More Greatest Hits of The Monkees

Maxi, Midi, Mini and Mega Minxes. Hint: I’m the one with the warm hat on
Photo credit: Wikipedia

I gave Midi a snack and 2 fleece blankets, put my third jumper layer on and a hat, and heated up myself by hoovering everywhere. Bedroom thermometer now 8.9degC. Dear goodness… Time for coffee!

I set the brilliant Aeropress gadget up with the last of the coffee and left it on the side to steep and get maximum caffeine out while I made Midi up a hot water bottle. I thought about taking some painkillers myself, and reached over for the hot water bottle stopper, a bit distracted…

I guess my streaming eyes are stopping me judging distance too well: I knocked over the aeropress and mug, spilling coffee and grinds everywhere. All over the floor and running *under* the cabinet. Oh hell, it’s inside the cupboard and soaking into my month’s stash of toilet rolls and kitchen rolls! Hang on… it’s in the kettle socket! Shit! Danger-danger!

I switched the socket off at the wall with my elbow and started throwing bits of kitchen roll at the rapidly disappearing puddles on the worktop, floor and inside the cupboards (how the hell did it get in the cupboard? It toppled and fell over, not against it… the geometry’s not right. I’m confused!). Before I can dab and mop, the front door bell goes – parcel delivery. And the man’s already got back in the cab and looks like he’s about to drive off. Panic! Run!

I retrieve the parcel (Christmas present books) and realise my tampon’s leaking badly. Great – my only pair of warm trousers. And there’s no hot water to wash in. Still, in a few minutes when I’ve cleaned up me and the kitchen I can have a nice cup of…. No! NOOOO! That was the last of the coffee!

Will today get better? Probably downhill first before it does – I’ve 2 more school runs to do with a poorly 5 year old in a dressing gown, nothing in for lunch except a tin of spicy soup, and it’s barely above freezing outside so it’ll get colder indoors. But I know it’ll get better – it’s mine and The Boss’s 8th wedding anniversary. We’ve got a top night planned: bubble and squeak and the leftovers of Sunday’s rib roast for dinner, snuggled together on the sofa with Homeland and Green Wing on 4OD, and (hopefully) some heating and hot water!!! Cannae wait 🙂

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