Edward and Edwinn: It’s Getting Worse

Here’s an update on what our elves Edward and Edwinn have been getting up to from 10 – 15 December 2013. You can see the days of mischief earlier in December here and there. Worried that there appears to be a day missing? Well, yes: on 9 Dec we hid them in the girls’ dressing gown pockets. But as they hang on the girls’ bedroom door, taking a photo would have disturbed their sleep (hey, karma: I rarely get an unbroken night’s sleep!) and would have given the game away (crucial…).

10 Dec

10 Dec While Edward merrily makes flour-angels, Edwinn is interrupted in her graffiti about Barbie. I guess old feuds die hard. Well, come on, she wasn’t going to write “Barbie is a big sweetie”, was she?! PS The Boss made me rub out the fake lines of coke next to Edwinn before the minxes got up. Big spoilsport. Well, you’d think, eh? But just wait till you see what he cooked up at the end of the week on the night I was away from home…

11 Dec

11 Dec
Edwinn and Edward go scuba diving. Actually, this one was all The Boss’s handiwork. I was really impressed, and realised that he was getting into this elf-scenario-each-night a lot more than me this year… He hung Edwinn from the window top using thread and a pin. And it took him ages to cut out all the fish from the foil. Can you see the girls’ toy dolphin and frog in the photo, too? The rest of the props and flippers were from the bag of Action Man stuff that was left with the house. Hooray to brilliant landlords!

12 Dec

12 Dec

Aye, the obligatory game of Spin the Bottle with the minxes’ favourite toys, snaffled from under their sleeping clutches. Midi Minx asked why Edwinn was lying down when the bottle was pointing to her (!)

13 Dec

13 Dec

From Spin the Bottle to a game of poker. The Boss rejected my idea of Strip Poker (spoilsport: told you!) and made them play for cash from the minxes’ piggy banks.

14 Dec

14 Dec

I am so, so sorry. Really. This is all the handiwork of The Boss. I was away on a fleeting visit back to our old home, so he did this all by himself. Allegedly he got the idea from what I call Sunpat Peanut &Chocolate spread: “poo-nut butter” (don’t mock me: it makes the kids laugh. Especially when they say, “No, no, Mummy: it’s peanut butter!” and I reply, ever so maturely: “Yeah. Pee-nut. Pee. Nut. Hehehehehehe….!” to their horror). I loved the toilet roll and how he posed Edward. Cracked me up…

15 Dec

15 DecYeah, ok, me and The Boss have been dying to do this one: graffiti’ing the minxes’ beautiful photos with black marker. Little Mini was horrified by Midi being drawn as a pirate, but was highly amused by Maxi’s 5 o’clock shadow.

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