Edward and Edwinn: Approaching the Closing Stretch

It’s been a hectic and quite horrible week for everyone at Garrison Trout, but some things can rise above it all – the mischief of 2 naughty elves and the joy they give to 2 foolish adults 3 little minxes.

16 Dec

16 Dec Time was getting tight on Sunday night, so The Boss managed this golden oldie message in the rice crispies. The kids loved finding Edward crawling in the box more than the message.

17 Dec

17 Dec Having fun rolling down the stairs like Andrex puppies. I photo-bombed the first couple of pics, but have decided not to show you photos of my tipsy mania in the interests of public decency….

18 Dec

18 DecCan you see them hiding in the tree? I think they were keeping a watchful eye on the cats.

19 Dec

19 Dec My friend Lorna sent a massive box of American candy and toys from her 2 elves. The minxes have been trying every trick in the book to be let loose in the huge box of sweets, but to no avail: I’m rationing it out so that Midi, say, doesn’t nick all 3 of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (they’re mine, I tell you! All mine!) I’ve no such control over the elves…

20 Dec

20 Dec This photo isn’t the finished pose because I bottled it. The elves decided to wade into an unguarded ball of aran wool that magically found itself in the girls’ bedroom, in the middle of a seance-like circle of toys that the girls had set up before they went to sleep. I was too scared to photograph it for fear of waking a minx with the flash or my sniggers.

21 Dec

21 Dec We had to spend the weekend away suddenly, but took 10 seconds before we left to set this up for the kids when we came back. Well, 2 elves missing the North Pole would *of course* hide out in the fridge! I like Edwinn’s portrait of Barbie best…

4 thoughts on “Edward and Edwinn: Approaching the Closing Stretch

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