Edward and Edwinn: The End

The end of December was a very chaotic time (I’ll explain in a later post), so Edwinn and Edward behaved themselves the night we were away (21st/22nd). Or perhaps they just stayed locked in the fridge so they couldn’t do any additional mischief…

23 Dec

23 DecThey pretended to be good little elves and pinned up some colouring sheets the minxes had done at the cafe in Cullen yesterday, and sat back to appreciate them. Maybe. I still think Edwinn is pinching her cousin elf’s bum.

24 Dec

24 DecI guess the strain of behaving was too much, and they had a little bit of a party. Drink – just say no, kids! (Say the parents who’ve generally gotten through the last month in a post-kids’-bedtime-foggy-haze…). The minxes were gleeful: “Again! Edward did it again!” they screeched. I guess last year’s whisky vomit made a right impact on them. PS if you want to recreate, just use leftover lumpy custard, add and mix a bit of water, and nip out bits of carrot with your finger-nails. You do want to do it yourself – don’t you?!

25 Dec

the endPhew, all over for another year. And that’s that. Will they return late 2014? Well, the kids found this note (written in my best left-handed scrawl) attached to a box of Roses. I was very proud of my Horrid Henry-esque howl of “Noooooooooo!”. My performance deserved an Oscar, because I can’t wait 🙂

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