Post-Holiday Blues

It’s our first proper day of the school holidays here – the previous 7 days don’t count because we were all in Orkney again, having a fantastic time. I did bring the laptop with me, intending to write lots of blog posts both here and on the outdoor blog, in real-time. Alas, my in-laws led me happily astray: I spent my evenings drinking Strubarb cocktails washed down with Wychwood Ginger Beard, and chased with peanut butter pretzels. And blethering nonsense. So: back home with a bump.

Mini Minx is on antibiotics and so her sleep is still iffy (when was it ever not?!): she came into my bed 4 times last night. I’d gone to bed really late (0100hrs. Oops) because I’d spent all day driving so wasn’t tired enough to sleep. End result – today has felt like swimming in treacle. Never mind – we had to hang around the house anyway because the hire car after The Boss’s accident was to be picked up at some random point during in the day. I spent the morning ploughing through laundry, while the minxes went goggle-eyed over 100 episodes of Horrid Henry. Midi’s read so many library books in this year’s Summer Challenge already that she chose to take out a DVD for 2 weeks for free as her prize.

I'm bored, Mum. What can I doooooooo?

I’m bored, Mum. What can I doooooooo?

In a half-hearted attempt to keep the girls active enough to stave off DVTs, I made them come into the kitchen for their snacks and water individually. I really wanted to be a Good Mummy and turf them outdoors for fresh air regardless of the drizzle, but today I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was also too distracted on the laptop, helping one of my brothers book flights, train journeys and a hotel from the other side of the planet (bank problems – Bank of Scotland have been categorically rubbish with him, not sending bank

Not brave enough yet to pull out that good old holiday standby: paint the stones

Not brave enough yet to pull out that good old holiday standby: paint the stones

cards, not returning calls, hanging up on long calls, etc.). We did manage a swift run round to the library, but because the hire car people didn’t show up till mid-afternoon when it was already raining heavily, we got no other outdoor time.The afternoon, therefore, was much like the morning. Except I managed to corral them into doing something creative for a few minutes – I printed out a sheet of paper each with a big empty square on it and the title “The thing I enjoyed most about my holidays last week was when I …” followed by 5 lines of dots for them to write on, and draw in the box. I’ll tell you what they wrote when they finish!

Oh yeah, and I discovered that the best way to keep them out of my hair for a few minutes when I really need to concentrate is to play classical music. I discovered that all 3 really hate Verdi’s Requiem: when I played it they ran from the room howling, with their hands over their ears. And Maxi finds ‘Abide With Me’ (from the soundtrack of the film 28 Days Later!!) “creeps me out”. I guess I need to find Classic FM on the radio dial then, eh?

child in viking horned helmet

She’s bored

Anyway, the general lack of exercise means that it’s my own selfish fault that the girls are not sleeping tonight! Midi has wrapped herself in a blanket and is lying across the threshold of Maxi’s bedroom, like a bright pink spotted Ancient Egyptian mummy – I think she’s trying to see just how long her big sister stays up at night; Mini is scuttling back and forth, demanding to be tucked in, and victoriously waving the Hello Kitty toy that I threatened to throw away if she wouldn’t eat her roast chicken (my comfort food); Maxi, meanwhile, is happily reading today’s library books (Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt).

child in horned viking helmet

… and so’s she

Tomorrow I hope to get more than a token few minutes sleep and to get the poor kids out and about. They have a play-date arranged with a wee girl who’s in the same nursery class as Mini. I’ll need to run some energy off the older ones first thing, then, before we walk round. And I guess tidying their upside-down rooms just won’t cut it:

(Me: “You are to tidy your floor up tomorrow morning. Look, it’s so messy that I nearly fell over, coming to give you a Goodnight Kiss!”

Midi: “But why, Mummy? Because it’ll take us such a long time to mess it all up again. What a waste of time!”

Me: <thinking> Huh?! Um. Right. I agree. But only if the window faced the back garden…)

The library has a competition on tomorrow afternoon, but I quite fancy checking out some of Aberdeenshire’s Neolithic monuments after a week of touring Orkney’s, instead. I’ll put it to Minx Vote after lunch, I think.

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