Putting Up A Pesky Fence With A Pesky Cold

Thursday 7 April, Day 6 of the Easter Holidays

In spare 15 minutes here and there, I’ve been turning some of our front lawn into a fruit and veg garden. I have a 5 year plan that I’m working towards. I find it frustrating not to have it all dug into raised beds YESTERDAY, but there’s only me doing it, and I have a lot on. As a result, it sometimes resembles Steptoe’s Yard. I persuaded The Boss that a nice little low picket fence would be just what we needed to hide the veg garden behind: discreet and distracting. And it would make an awesome windbreak for tall vegetables, like broad beans and my lovely brussels sprouts.

Well, I’ve been waiting since September to get The Boss to help me get it in the ground, along with a load of plants I’d bought. They’ve been clinging to uncertain life in too-small containers all winter while I’ve waited on the fence’s erection. The arrival by post of 2 big carnation plants was the last straw.

Finally, today, I coaxed him into life with the promise of saws, drills and other power tools. It’s been too cold, wet and windy for the girls to have much interesting in helping, so I helped. I sneezed whilst I held fence and spirit level, and coughed while he wielded the mallet. And… It’s up, it’s straight and I like it – it’s pretty inconspicuous. Satisfyingly I also got 10 dianthus and 40 gladioli bulbs planted along it, and a line of snapdragons planted behind it: the idea is that the fence will be softened by the flowers. Now I just need a big arch at each end of the fence. I’ve given The Boss my strict directions and told him to Make It So. Maybe before the end of 2017…?

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