Can I Send Them To School In Their Jammies?

Nooooooo, don't make us go clothes shopping!

Nooooooo, don’t make us go clothes shopping!

A massive box arrived today full of every single pair of school trousers that M&S do that could vaguely be in Maxi and Midi’s sizes. They’re growing like weeds, up and outwards, and have already outgrown most of the uniform bought in August. We fought from 3.45pm till 4.30pm tonight trying all 16 pairs of trousers on. After lots of squeals and yells and yanks and tugs and if-you-don’t-stand-still threats, both found 2 pairs each that vaguely fit.

Not bad, I thought – max out the credit card temporarily till the returns get processed, but save myself a long, arduous journey with 2 grumpy kids to the city, and no guarantee of any trousers in their size anyway. Bonus!

The weather forecast for the rest of the week is freezing cold, so in a desperate fit of organisation I washed and tumbled the trousers straightaway, ready to take up the hems tonight and be worn tomorrow.

Maxi’s favourite pair have shrunk so badly after one wash that she now can’t walk in them.

I’d already taped up the box of returns, so got the ‘fun’ of fighting with botch tape anew to get them in with the other eleventy-thousand returns.

I hate online shopping for trousers for kids that only list waist sizes (which are adjustable anyway) and not hip / bum widths (which aren’t), so you have to guess what size will fit. I hate that different styles have totally different fits even when ostensibly the same age size. I hate clothes that shrink. I hate ‘skin kind’ clothes that are anything but, for both the wearer and the fitter. I hate clothes shopping!

Maybe we should turn nudist and move somewhere much warmer?


A Geeky Halloween

These past 3 months I’ve been indulging in watching old boxsets of Doctor Who, covering the 9th to the 11th Doctors. The minxes have been watching some of the less scary episodes – basically everything not written by the brilliant Steven Moffat. Well, I think I’d rather the girls continued to sleep at night than introduce them to Blink and Silence in the Library too soon…

So this year for our Hallowe’en theme we decided to be Doctor Who characters: Maxi, the wannabe teenager, choseĀ Rose Tyler; Midi wanted to be a Dalek; and even though she’s only a bit aware of who they are, Mini dressed up as a Weeping Angel. The Boss made a fine dude of an Ood, and I discovered that my reading glasses made me a passable 10th Doctor. See what you think yourself:

The girls spent all weekend hacking at cardboard and painting it. I loved Midi’s yogurt carton lights on her Dalek head: she put some motion-sensitive lights she’d been given for her trainers laces inside, so that the lights actually blinked. And yes, that’s a plunger and the inside of a paint roller. Maxi’s attitude as Rose just creases me up – perfect! And I’m relieved about my own outfit – originally I was going to wear black teeshirt, black jeans, a black leather jacket, slick my hair down and wear a pair of huge cardboard ears and go as the 9th Doctor. But an hour before I got dressed up, I discovered that my previously-treasured 30 year old leather jacket was covered in mould (ewwwwwwww!)

We were all set to go out guising, but the forecast of heavy rain came true. Drat! Luckily lots of other children came round to share their party pieces and, as well as sweeties and satsumas, were ‘treated’ to the reward of us 5 hanging out the door and having a fake sonic screwdriver waggled at them. We let the minxes eat some of the sweeties we’d bought, as they weren’t collecting their own, and they shared their own party pieces to visitors. We dooked for apples and the girls snouted for sweets in flour. The Boss played spooky-themed music and we 5 danced and goofed around for a bit until the last of the guisers came, around 7.30pm.

Round about then, Maxi had a huge meltdown, and her sisters declared it the worst Hallowe’en ever. No one thing set it off, but I suspect the lethal combination of giving them a small dinner, a lot of sweets, lemonade, the rollercoaster of dressing up, then not going out, then screaming and dancing and playing, all on top of the clocks going back just the day before, so they were all shattered.

The Boss and I didn’t take it personally. Besides, 3 of the 5 of us get to do it all over again at the Cubs Hallowe’en party later this week!