Day 23 – Last Night At Long, Long Last

Last night was the last night of the month-long visit and pranks from Edbie the Elf. Thank goodness. S/he’s been more restrained than previous elf visits. I can’t wait for the minxes to grow up a bit so we can all take turns posing silly and much more evil tableaux. I wonder which minx will be the most wicked…?elf on the shelf prank snowmen marshmallows


Day 20 – Aw, Now You’ve Gone Too Far

Last night, I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I don’t even want to know if there’s a film reference for this. If you are at all sensitive or have anything less than a strong stomach and a puerile sense of humour then please don’t read on. Please.

The minxes have talked of the Elf on the Shelf Nutella Incident all month, so it kinda had to happen, really. At least Edbie had the grace to look ashamed.

Yes, me and The Boss nearly bust a gut laughing so hard as we posed it (Nutella in an icing tube. Took 60 seconds). Yes, the minxes squealed and guffawed all morning. Yes, we just went too far. Let’s never talk of this again.





Day 17 is Eggstra Special

We were out visiting relatives all of Saturday night, so I had 30 seconds flat to come up with an Elf prank while the kids were being strapped into their car seats. I went for an oldie and goldie: hide Edbie and a Sharpie marker in the fridge, write rude stuff on the eggs with my left hand, leave his hat on the floor outside the fridge, run away bravely. Done! I think we’ve done variations of this every single year, and it always raises a huge laugh from the kids reading what the elf has written about each sister (I hid those 3 eggs in the photo 🙂 )day-17

Day 16 Beauty School

Okay, okay, okay, there’s no obvious film reference to Friday night’s elf shenanigans, but (a) it caused fury and outrage amongst the minxes, and (b) it was very, very loosely based on Star Wars III:

Me and The Boss were watching Dawn French on the Graham Norton show, and there were stills from one of her parodies. At minute 0:39 in the link is the bit where me and The Boss fell apart – the spoof of Queen Amidala, Mini Minx’s favourite character. It nailed *precisely* how me and The Boss see Amidala’s makeup and Mini’s desire to wear such face paint to school. Anyway, it inspired Beauty School –elf on the shelf with makeup

Day 15

Elsa got her own back for having her head chopped off on Day 14 of Edbie’s visit and other assorted indignities in the way that only Elsa can.

elf on the shelf and elsa from frozen

Elsa, just let it go, girl!

Actually this was the original, but we thought it might give Midi and Maxi ideas of how to torment their sister:



Day 14 – There Can Be Only One

Day 14 was another time when me and The Boss chortled over Edbie the Elf’s antics over a wee nighttime dram, then bottled it and made it less gory for the kids in the morning. Can’t afford the therapist fees.

elf on the shelf in doll massacre

Barbie’s head and Anna’s hand were already severed, ok? No actual doll-violence took place. Ish

Highlander - there can be only one

Highlander – there can be only one

The final version - Anna's winning

The final version – Anna’s winning