There’s a New Elf in Town

It’s December 1, which in Garrison Trout means only one thing: the arrival of the Elf (or Elves).

I think we’d absolutely run Edward and Edwin and Barbie to the end of all reason. Besides, Edwin’s bell jingle was getting harder to hide, and Edward’s stuffing was falling out. Time for a new elf! Now you know why we introduced the new baby half-elf at the end of last year – it was in preparation for retiring the old ones (and giving me and The Boss a chance to rerun old tricks).

So: here’s what the minxes woke up to this morning:

The DVD is their much-wanted Secret Life of Pets and the letter is, of course, from Santa:


So now you know as much as the minxes do! Minxes being minxes, they’ve all agreed that ‘of course’, Edbie is a boy, Edward and Barbie are the parents, and that he is very sweet, really. I overheard Midi talking to him while she was getting dressed this morning: “You need to get up to all kinds of naughtiness, Edbie”, she said.

“What was that, Midi?” I asked.

“Nothing, Mummy, I was just telling Edbie that he was to be good while we’re at school and that we’ll find his Mum for him”, she smiled brightly, thinking she’s fooled her auld mammy.


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