Still in One Piece

3 Feb 2017

That’s the end of Week 4 of me and my partner in crime, Mrs Persuasive, learning to run with our local JogScotland group. I’ve now completed 9 runs (and a replacement MuTu Intensive session at home today because 2/3 minxes are off school ill and I can’t go out).

New things this fortnight: me and Mrs P went for our first run by ourselves last week because we want to up our sessions to 3 times a week. We happened to stumble on a wee circuit along single track country roads that is hilly and exactly 6km long. Perfect!

I’ve not been finding it hard to motivate myself to go running at all. Partly it’s because me and Mrs P car-share to get to the JogScotland group in a nearby town, so we’d need a cast-iron excuse to dodge going; partly it’s because I do love how good I feel at the end of each run. I’m sleeping better, too. Though that should be a no-brainer – the minxes need to be sufficiently active during the day to not transform into wide-awake devils that night, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it works for insomniac adults, too.

The other thing that’s motivating me enormously is seeing steady, obvious progress each run. It’s not just subjective improvement: once I figured out how to work Endomondo on my brick of a phone, I can see my speed and the length of time between walk-portions increase with each running session. I’m still only around the pace I can fast-walk, though: my latest personal best is upping my 5km jog/walk time to 46 minutes (4 mins faster than I walk it, and 10 minutes faster than a fortnight ago).

Early days, early days…

A huge epiphany for me this fortnight is what warming-up does. I don’t mean the general ‘prepare your body for exercise’ – we all know that. It was when the group leader explained why warm-ups feel difficult (it’s all about the acceleration involved from moving your heart rate from resting to working. It’s a really big increase. After that, any increases in effort as you run for the next half hour or so are much smaller, so are less uncomfortable). This makes logical sense to me. But I suddenly understood why I find the first 15-20 mins of each session really unpleasant, but after 30 minutes I feel like I could keep going all night. If only I’d sussed this before, I’d have persevered past those first 20 minutes of previous exercise sessions over the decades…

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. I never thought I’d still be doing this jogging lark after 4 weeks, still be enjoying it, and still be in one piece. Though stupidly I overdid this morning’s MuTu session and am starting to hurt a bit – I made a rookie error of jumping into one of the tougher Intensives with ridiculously heavy weights. I was also a bit slack in maintaining good form. Eejit! I know better than that. So right now I hurt, but it’s not from running…

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