Old Pregnancy Diaries

I found 2 of my old pregnancy diaries online and have imported them to this blog. Rather than stick all the 300-odd posts up in a oner, I’m going to publish them piecemeal, after editing them for really bad typos (!) and incriminating evidence, eg full names of the list of characters. I’ve left all the waffle, trivia and self-centred-ness in. To be fair, these are *diaries*, rather than blogs, and I definitely used them to reflect on how *I* felt at the time. They also had zero readership, so I’m afraid The Minx(es) are just bit-players in them, and they really are a lot of navel-gazing.

The first diary – Project Curbar – is from when I was pregnant with Midi Minx, so dates from 2007 – 8. The second diary – 3…It’s the Magic Number – is from Mini Minx’s pregnancy.

Each diary has nearly 200 posts, so rather than post to a separate page on this blog, I might as well publish them to the main blog. They’ll go up over the next few weeks, in date order, earliest first. Look out for the category ‘Pregnancy Diaries’.