Teeth and Swords

Midi Minx was up 4 times in the night (Monday), sneakily waiting till she could hear a pair of snores from our bedroom before creeping back to our bedside and wailing affectedly. “What’s wrong, L?  You’re not even crying any tears!”  “My tears don’ woooooork!” she pouted.  Yes.  Just like your big sister.

Mini started up her banshee cries around 0415hrs.  Thank goodness I’ve not dried up yet – when changing her nappy, cuddles, rocks and snuggles in my bed (last resort) didn’t stop her screeches, it was sheer heaven for my poor ears to just whip out a boob.  Instant silence.  Well, except for the slurps (she’s a noisy and messy eater).  Though to be fair she then whimpered on and off all bloomin’ night.  I think she finally fell asleep about 0600hrs.

So you can imagine how grumpy I got being awoken by a wet slobbery mouth cupping over my nose, closely followed by a jab of a 14 month old finger right up my left nostril.  Crikey, I think she managed to tickle my brain.  When I yelled in shock and horror, she giggled and shrieked in triumph.  Minx!

I guess the reason for all the hassle was that she cut her 5th tooth (remaining top incisor, her left) yesterday (23rd May).  So I guess soon she’ll have a normal baby smile rather than her current jagged, higgledy-piggledy mouth.

new baby teeth
It soon may be time to stop breastfeeding. Like, last month…

So, the lack of sleep was a bit telling on Tuesday and I let The Boss have the car, because I certainly wasn’t fit to drive.  I really, really wanted to go to Forres to see RAF Kinloss personnel march through one last time before the squadrons are disbanded, but (a) it was a tad too stormy for 3 little girls to stand around in – I think the gusting wind would have blown over the double buggy, and (b) there was no way I could get them all there by public transport – the only buses en-route are coach type ones that have huge steep steps that you can’t get a buggy up.  Crikey, I don’t think I could dead-arm a collapsed buggy up those steps, never mind haul all 3 girls up, too.  And don’t start me on letting my eldest 2 minxes loose on a coach with me not hovering right over them…  So we didn’t go, and I resolved to just think about them, and watch via YouTube later.

 Anyway, as the kids insisted that they *did* want to see marching people, I dug out a very, very old video that happened to have me in it shouting a lot and incompetently waving a sword around. And it had a band and lots of marching. I thought the kids would be bored stiff, but they watched the entire thing.  Midi giggled about all the people “walking like a choo-choo” and Maxi squealed every time she saw me.  “Oooo Mummy, you’re so tiny!  Everyone’s taller than you!” she helpfully and tactfully pointed out.  Even Mini turned round when she heard my distant roar through the tv.  If only they’d obey my commands so readily…

It’s All About Maxi

Maxi and Midi look both ways whilst crossing the road

Today seemed to be all about my eldest.

We all went down into the village to buy some odds and sods and get some “Fresh Air”.  As Maxi will be starting Primary 1 at the local school in the summer and Midi will be starting the pre-school, I keep talking about the place and the things we’ll need to do, eg buy school uniforms <gulp> and practice crossing the road.
I don’t trust Midi to cross the road unless I have her in a headlock.  Maxi, however, has been slowly, slowly let off the leash and can now be trusted to cross the road herself (so long as I’m close enough to dive out and drag her back if she messes up her judgement).
They’re both pretty good about stopping, looking all around and listening, but when they cross they just shake their heads to and fro (a la Dr Who End of Time human changeover shaking head thing) rather than properly look for other cars.
Today’s lesson was all about crossing little roads and watching out for cars turning off the main road.  I really have to watch what I say, because it all gets parroted: a car indicated very late before turning in front of Maxi, who tutted and declared that the driver was “obviously very old and very, very stupid.  Hmph!”
Speaking of which, there I was walking down the road – I was wearing a bright red coat, with a 5 year old alongside me dressed in neon pink, a double buggy in apple green, 2 kids inside dressed in purple and bright yellow.  I guess you could say that we embrace colour in our household.  Anyway, I watched a woman reverse her car across a junction, nearly mount the pavement beside me, all so she could get close enough to the fag and chocolate shop without walking too far.  She opened her car door and nearly smacked it into Midi’s face.  Luckily I was alert to the possibility that she might do this, based on her erratic driving, so stopped dead as the door lurched open.  “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there!” she said as she lumbered into the shop.  I’d love to tell you that I replied, “If your need for chocolate blinds you to the sight of us colourful lot, then you should be off the road and at a decent optician, you careless bint!”  Of course I didn’t.  I glared in that very English way I learned from 17 years in the country and said icily, “That’s OK”.  My God, I bet she was cut to the quick.  Not.  Or maybe I should have just kicked her in the shins?  Silly cow.
And breathe.
I made summer fruit cheesecake for dinner because I’m greedy we needed a cheer up.  Maxi licked her lips and sighed, “Ooooh Mummy, I love your cheesecake all the way to the end of the Universe and back!”  I smiled.  “But I only love you to the Moon and back.  But that’s still an awful lot!” she reassured me as my smile became a tad fixed.
I asked the little minx to tidy up her PlayDough so I could get dinner on the table.  After 10 minutes, I asked her to hurry up.  “I’ve only got 2 hands, Mummy,” she said calmly and reasonably like Captain Logic: “One to hold the packet and one to put the bits in.  I can’t go any faster”.  How could I not laugh?
Tonight was Parents Evening at nursery.  I left with a tear in my eye, because I spent half an hour reading Maxi’s and Midi’s files.  On one of Midi’s evidence boxes, a teacher had noted, ‘L was quietly drawing. I asked her what it was. “I drawing Mummy!” she said’.  So she thinks of me even when I’m not there?!  Swoon!  All those pictures that she draws at nursery and I ask her what they are, she always replies, “You, Mummy!”  I assumed she says that to everyone.  Now I’m thinking it may be true.  Awwwwww.
Maxi, meanwhile, “talked of the recycling done at home”, had “excellent knowledge of planets and space”, “plants” and “had an opportunity to try new foods as part of our learning about other cultures – P had already tried them all”.  That’s my girl!  With that, and her learning to spot ‘mature CBs’, we’ll get her labelled precocious, yet.  Though (a) she can say ‘cumulonimbus’ no problem at all, but obviously thinks CBs is funny, and (b) wish I’d been watching for them today, then I might not have got 4 washing loads absolutely drenched in the sudden (but predictable) downpour.
In other news:
Mini has cut her 4th tooth definitely (her upper right incisor) and by golly it’s a big beast.  And Maxi learned to knit.  I’m so proud!  But I need to do that as a separate post.

Mini Milestones

Our cheekiest minx has had a brain upgrade these past few days.

She cut her 4th tooth yesterday – her upper right incisor.  So soon she’ll no longer look like Fang.  The 2 teeth either side of it are microns below the surface.

Remember I said I was in denial about her walking?  Well, she walked 3 definite steps towards her beloved eldest sister, Maxi Minx, on Saturday.  Then 7 little tiny steps yesterday.  Today she screeched and shouted every time she stood unaided and I wasn’t watching.  When I turned round, she’d smile winningly and start to teeter forward a step or 2.  Obviously she is becoming a little applause junkie!  I don’t mind – I find it endearing that mine and The boss’s approval and attention are so important to her.

I was updating Mini’s little My Baby’s Journal book with how I felt about her walking, and a big blank paragraph hit me: “I first pointed when…”  Crikey!  I’d never noticed her pointing before!  She kind of waves in the general direction of things, but that’s it.  Today, though, she made up for it, pointing at everything and decisively declaring: “At!”  It’s such a ladylike little point, unlike Midi Minx’s thuggy jab-point with her middle finger: she holds her hands in a perfect little EMP hand gesture.

While waiting 45 minutes for the car that was “just going to be another 15 or 20 minutes” (bloody garages…), me and Mini had a lovely play and chat.  At home I have too many distractions and things I have to be getting on with; when her sisters are home, I’m too busy with them.  So it was really wonderful just to ‘be’ with my baby.  She was really working her cuteness and trying so hard to make me laugh.  She is as obsessed with hats as Maxi Minx was mad about shoes at the same age.  Maxi’s 3rd word was “shoe”; Mini’s 3rd word is “hat”.  Well, ‘at.  She pats her head to sign ‘hat’ and had a lot of fun hauling her sunhat on, off, behind her head, on my head, trying to insert it in my ears…  And tonight she thoughtfully repeated, “‘at. ‘at. ‘at”, comparing her sunhat and Daisy the Cat.  She kept trying to copy my overly-enunciated Hhhhhhhattttt.  Cccattttt.  And she’s pretty close to saying her sister Midi’s (real) name, to Midi’s delight.