Still Alive… Just Busy

sleeping cat

Foster-cat: happy and dreaming of the seagulls he can chase

I’ve been reading my favourite book at night this week – my old diary from when Maxi Minx was 2 and Midi was weaning. The Boss has been grumpy about me sniggering at it and waking him up.

I’ve also been busy knitting up for a Baby Show craft fair, getting a brochure designed for my little business, Rainbow Knits, sending a fan mail letter to the people who manufacture my favourite wool that’s turning into a bit of a lucky business opportunity, talking garments with my 5 lovely testers (been receiving photos of some seriously photogenic, beautiful babies who are making my knits look special and me incredibly broody), taking on a 12-year-old foster-cat for the next 2 years and separating him and our 5 yo tabby (she wants to be friends; he doesn’t), sorting out my messy garden, baking and partying over Maxi’s birthday, and generally faffing around. You know how it is.

So I thought I’d wave and say ‘I’m still alive and so are the minxes’ and leave you with yesterday’s Midi-ism:

Midi: “Daddy, my head still hurts! It’s so sore! I just can’t stop thinking!”
The Boss: “Well, stop thinking so hard, then”
Midi: “I tried that, but it didn’t work. I keep on thinking, thinking, thinking. Argh! It must be bleeding!” (checks ears with fingers for signs of brain-seepage)