Happy New 2019!

Well hello, hello, long time no see! Happy New Year! How have you been? Are you glad to see the back of 2018? Looking forward to 2019? Or just quietly accepting the turn of the year?

I’m not even going to pretend that this post marks more regular blogging from me. With 2 pubescent daughters who veto every post and photo (quite rightly!) it doesn’t give me a lot to talk or rant about. And I’m being kept busy with the minxes, Killer Cat, The Boss and 8 (yep, eight) part-time jobs. Lots of juggling. But it keeps me out of trouble.

I wish it kept the youngest pair out of trouble. Poor Midi came down with a very sore throat late on 30th December. She spent most of yesterday in bed or in a big nest of duvet and pillows on the sofa. For the first time in 5 years she’s not dressed up and bounded around at the bells. She managed half a cocktail sausage at midnight, and that was only to try to put some food in her stomach so she could take ibuprofen. This morning I’ve got another wee soldier down – Mini. As they’re getting so old, now, I doled out liquid paracetamol to the pair of them and bang, there’s another brown bottle emptied for the bottle bank and the judgey-judgey clattering of the glass cascade.

Wee Mini blinked up at me: “Mummy, I’ve got such a sore head!”

“Ah,” I said, trying to make light of it, “You’ve either got what Midi has or you’re hungover. Did you drink any alcohol last night?”

“Yes”, she replied, to my open-mouthed stare. “I had a whisky chocolate”.

Poor wee thing! I hope your New Year is a healthy and optimistic one, and if it’s not, that it becomes so.

bee and allium

The Bells, 2014

The minxes were indignant at the prospect of missing the huge secret party that all adults enjoy at New Year.

“But if you don’t wake us up for midnight, then we’ll miss the Footsteps!” wailed a very upset Midi.

It took a while, and a lot of tears, yelling, pouts and sniggers (me) before we realised she mean ‘First Footing‘. Bless…

Well, they won’t be doing that either! But like a pair of idiot parents, me and The Boss have agreed to wake them before midnight so they can join us in some (more) party food, a slice of black bun that I baked today, and some fizzy drinks (lemonade for minxes, Prosecco for us auld farts). I guess their 3 months of Highland Dancing lessons are about to come in handy. And yes, I know I’ll regret it tomorrow when we’re all fractious and over-tired, but hey ho, there’s got to be a first time for everything.

I know it’s traditional to look back and forward at this time of year, count your blessings, list your dreams, that kind of thing. And don’t get me wrong, Family Trout has had a lovely 2014, with exciting bits, busy bits, and frantically worrying bits, just like most families. We’re optimistic and hopeful about 2015. But right now I’m mostly thinking about friends who’re dreading 2015 for different, sad reasons. I wish I could take a big chunk of Hope, dunk it in a bowl of Joy and roll it in layer upon layer of Love until it’s indestructible, then gift it to each of those friends. Ah, if only!

Wishing all my readers a New Year that’s stuffed full of lovely, joyful, happy things:
as daftly fun as The Boss blowing bubbles in the snow at midnight, and as hopeful as Midi waiting to hear if Santa had her on his Nice List (he did).

Sleep Deprivation

I'm *this* tired

Wow, last night was a toughie!

It was partially my own fault – I got engrossed knitting the final part of a cardigan I’m knitting for R.  Next thing I knew, it was 0130hrs and my back had seized up.  So I unfolded and creaked to the sofa to wake up The Boss, who was snoring his head off, glasses akimbo.  Unfortunately, we woke up baby R when we tiptoed to bed (R is still our little room-mate in her cot).  Those big blue eyes flicked open a split second before her mouth, enough time to assess that by being awake we were obviously having fun without her.  What solution but to let loose that familiar siren?

Mini Minx brought out her entire persuasive arsenal.  She tried ‘cute’ gurgles. staccatto ‘ah’ shouts, smiles, chuckles, coos and shrieks.  When none of those worked to get her picked up and played with, she started to cry.  When *that* didn’t work, the wails got louder and louder.  And louder.  The Boss tried putting her between us in bed.  Bad idea – this just gave her more opportunity to try to prise our eyelids open with her stabby little fingers (latest trick – see the video on Facebook from a few days ago).

Then I heard the pitter-patter of tiny jackboots…In staggered Midi Minx, rubbing her eyes, moaning and groaning and trying to get into bed.  As letting Maxi Minx into our bed 2 years ago just exacerbated her sleep problems, I woke up The Boss, passed Mini to him, picked up Midi (owwwww, my shredded tummy muscles…Owwwww my bendy back!) and tucked her back in bed.  Hobble back to bed, stub my toe and bash my shin against the sharp bedframe, flop into bed and take back over stroking Mini’s forehead.

All became quiet.  Mini’s breathing got into time with her Daddy’s snores, and her eyelids started to flutter.  Thud, thud, thud.  Midi Minx again.  Repeat the above (including bashing my shin.  Curse.  Curse again at Mini’s wails).  Stroke, wail, stroke, breathe, settle.  Wahhhh!  This time it’s Maxi Minx.  “I can’t find my Grandad teddy!” she roared (she’s still not in possession of a reliable volume control).  Curse.  Wake up The Boss.  Repeat.

Can you spot a pattern, here?  In all, Maxi Minx was up once, Midi Minx was up 4 times (attached on an invisible bungee) and Mini Minx finally gave up trying to get us to play with her around 0430hrs.  At least, that was the last time I looked at the clock as I put her back in her cot (again) and sighed at her instantly rolling over onto her face (again).

The kids all woke by 0830hrs, so me and The Boss have been drinking overly-strong coffee to compensate.  At 3 mugs, I’ve overdone it.  The world is wibbly around the edges and the colours are a bit jagged and fluttery.  I think I can see a new dimension in Space and Time…

So it’s fair to say I won’t be awake at midnight.  In that case, I wish you all a very happy New Year.  I hope you can see and grab every opportunity there is to make 2011 the best it can be for you.