New Toys

I nearly got to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list today, but got scuppered by having to wait in all day for some parcels.  ‘One Hour Delivery Slot’ my fat arse.  That’s the second time I’ve had deliveries from that company where they’ve entirely failed to even tell me the day, never mind the hour slot, that my goods will be delivered.  And don’t forget, I pay extra delivery charges as it is for the privilege of living in the Scottish Highlands.

One package was worth waiting in for (new Quinny Zapp Xtra in black.  Mini Minx loves it, as do I – we can coo to each other face-to-face), the other wasn’t (a beautiful photo frame for Mini’s first birthday bought on eBay – it was wrapped beautifully but wasn’t at all padded, so the frame arrived dented and the glass was utterly shattered).

Mini is beginning to really miss her sisters on their nursery days.  She was like a little lost soul today, crawling about to look round every corner and squealing at photos of Midi and Maxi Minx.  She only really came to life this afternoon: it was heart-warming to see her cooing and stroking Midi’s hair in the car home from nursery.  Midi is beginning to revel in her role as Big Sister.  She’s started to ask if she can ‘play’ with Mini, and insists on kisses hello and goodbye from her (she’s completely indifferent to parental kisses, of course).  Tonight she and Mini had a big kiss goodnight.  I guess Midi didn’t like the slobber and drool (Mini’s teething) much, because she held her baby sister’s lips together for a second kiss and said, “Cloze yore mouf!  Too runny!”

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I have difficulty going to the loo on my own during the day.  I am not the needy one – I just have 2 kids who can’t bear for me not to be there to hear their every waking thought, and one baby who is obviously afraid that if she lets me out her sight for a second, I’ll run away from this madhouse, abandoning her to the rest of the Zoo.  Our downstairs toilet’s door is covered with a stair-gate to keep various minxes away from the cat and the cat food.  It’s a good toilet to nip to, as the kids can see that I’ve not run away, but I get the bare minimum of privacy.  This afternoon Mini pulled up on the bars of the gate, rattling them like a seasoned jailbird, very put-out at my escape.  On the plus side, though, she managed her second ever pull-up to standing.  Yay Mini!  I’m not encouraging her or teaching her because (a) she’ll walk all in good time all by herself, and (b) once she’s walking I’ll have to turn into helicopter mummy mode, as it’s impractical to baby-proof this house.  Alas.  Maybe if I botch-taped Midi and Maxi into their room…?

After much cajoling and subtle hints (“She’s bored witless, for crying out loud!!!!!”), The Boss got Mini a ‘new’ box of toys out from the garage that were outgrown by her sisters.  They were overjoyed to see them again, but Mini only wants to play with them when her sisters are around.  As I type, all I can hear is a cacophony of electronic noise, with Midi’s new electric guitar piercing through the lot.  Thanks, Auntie M – I’ll get you back!

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